Christening the Baptistry

It was good to have Lauren home this weekend, but we are really looking forward to having everyone home this summer. Lauren will be back in a month and Jenna will get back the week after that. Both girls have jobs lined up already, which is a blessing.

As always we went to the Community Good Friday service in Andrews as well as the Community Sunrise Service Easter morning. It was right at 32° when we left the house, so it was a chilly morning, but very enjoyable, and probably the biggest crowd we’ve had since we’ve been doing those.

In some places churches are very competitive. I am thankful that so many churches here are happy to help one another and serve one another. This isn’t just exemplified by our community services around Easter and Thanksgiving. Sunday night, we got to see another glimpse of this.

There is another church in town that we’ve done things with over the years. They host the after school tutoring that about 1/3 or our church is involved with. A good number of our youth group provides child care for their Sunday service (they meet Sunday evening).

A young woman in our church wanted to by baptized, but we don’t have a baptistry at our church, and it’s rather cold for outside baptisms. There was a baptism happening last night at this other church, and not only did they invite us to join them, but they let us go first in their never-before-used baptistry. (Prior to last night, they’d always baptized in a creek on their property—which we’ve also used before). So we christened their baptistry last night and are thankful for their generosity and care for bigger things than just their own church.

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2 Responses to Christening the Baptistry

  1. josh v. says:

    Loved to read about the brotherhood exemplified between churches in this post! Thanks for sharing.

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