I think spring has finally won the battle, but it’s been a long time coming. It dropped below freezing the last day of April, but the trend has been upward since, even getting into the 80s a couple of days this week. I’ve heard a couple of locals say they wish summer hadn’t arrived so soon. I, for one, am thankful that winter seems to have come to an end—especially since I am planning on planting tomatoes and peppers this weekend.

And our irises have started opening.

We got Lauren back on Wednesday and Jenna comes home on Tuesday of next week. Rebekah still has a little school left, but hopefully she will be able to finish up in the next week or so—if her sisters don’t distract her too much!

My friend Paul from seminary came out last weekend for a visit. We get together once a year either here or in Dallas. In the past it has been to work together on some future sermon series, but the last three years we’ve been working on some training we are doing overseas. We also usually find a little time to go exploring.

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