Camp Cherokee 2018

We completed our third annual Camp Cherokee this morning. The first year was a work project week in the county, but the last two have been week long day camps for the elementary kids we tutor throughout the year.

We had 38 elementary kids to spend time with, and our kids did a great job of loving them, teaching them God’s word, and having fun with them.

I couldn’t be more pleased with our youth group who plan, organize, and run the whole thing. Of course, many adults in our church are a part of the week as well, from making meals to providing transportation to giving up work to spend a week supervising and being present all week. We are blessed by so many who give so generously of their time and talents and money to make this possible.

We moved locations this year to a little more primitive camp because the camp we used last year was unavailable. So some of our youth slept in tents as they only have four 4-bed cabins. There are also less covered facilities, so we prayed for good weather, and the rain that was forecast all week held off.

The afternoons for our youth consisted of a couple of days at the lake, a day doing the climbing wall, and some rest. In the evenings we ate together, worshipped and had a short time of teaching before some other late night activity. Two of our high school seniors that I’ve been meeting with for the last year did the teaching Monday and Tuesday night. It was a joy to see them encourage their peers.

Yes, that little shed-looking thing is one of the cabins. Screens for windows and no A/C.

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