If All Goes Well…

On the 17th, Dana and I showed up at the courthouse to bid on a house that had been foreclosed on. We’ve known it was going through the process for over a year, and in the meantime we’d looked at some other houses, but hadn’t found anything we either liked or could afford.

We were the only ones bidding, so it was as short auction. But in North Carolina, someone can up the winning bid by 5% for ten days after the auction. Yesterday was the end of the ten day period, and since we were not notified, we think all is clear. So hopefully paperwork will arrive sooner than later from the law firm handling the foreclosure, and our bank won’t putter around. If all goes well, we will close toward the end of September.

It needs painting and some carpet and landscape work, and there are some long-term plans: part of the basement is unfinished, and there is a room that was a wood shop that will become an office eventually. We hope to move bit by bit after the work that needs to get done gets done and be in by the end of November.

A couple of pictures are on the last post.

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