House Progress

While I was out of the country, several kind folks from church did quite a bit of work on our house, from painting , to electrical, to dirt work, to landscaping. Since I’ve been back, we’ve continued to benefit from their help and expertise, and we’ve done some painting and cleaning and yard work. We still hope to be in before Thanksgiving. I don’t think getting the new house ready by then will be the problem. The problem will come in going through our stuff here, packing, and moving. Two bedrooms and the basement have been painted. Tile for the wood burning stove has been laid. Appliances and said stove are to be delivered on Saturday. The carpet should be installed sometime next week, and then all that remains is some more painting, some fixtures installed, and a few odds and ends.

Rebekah and I and her 10 classmates went down to Atlanta yesterday to visit the High Museum for an Art History field trip. In addition to getting a short tour through art history and seeing examples of all the -isms, they had to pick a piece of art to evaluate. They will give a presentation on whether that piece of art affirms or denies the biblical concepts of truth, goodness, and beauty. I am looking forward to seeing what they come up with and how well they can argue their case.

Fall has finally arrived in western NC. We’ve had our first freeze—finally, and the trees are taking on their reds, yellows, and oranges.


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