March: Come and Gone

March was a full month for us. Jenna and Lauren were home two different weeks for their spring break. Thankfully they overlapped a weekend. Jenna brought home one of her housemates, and we had an enjoyable week together. Rebekah and I have moved past the two-thirds mark of the semester and the end is in sight. Dana has continued to stay busy babysitting and tutoring. And we are finally drying out a little after the wettest winter we’ve had here. We’ve probably seen the sun more in the last couple of weeks than in the last couple of months. Dana and I celebrated our 24th anniversary. And our church got a new piano.

The old pastor of our church got a call a few weeks ago from a lady who had loaned us her piano about 13 years ago (she was an art student of a former member who has since moved away). She wanted to start playing again and wanted to know if she could have it back. I’m good friends with a pastor of a small baptist church in the area, and he said they had a piano that they seldom used, and the church voted to let us have it. So last Friday, she came to get hers, and we moved in the new one. Our pianist says the new one actually sounds better than the old one. This is just another example of the kindness of churches toward other churches in this area. We are thankful.

Every summer we put on a day camp for the kids our church helps tutor during the school year. The camp we use is pretty limited in bunk space for our youth group who spend the night there all week. Last weekend, several folks from our church built a new bunk house on their property.

Things we are looking forward to: going to the symphony with Rebekah’s class in the middle of April; going to Jenna’s college graduation at the beginning of May; having the girls all home again in early May (though it will only be brief as Lauren is working at camp all summer); being finished with another school year; spring time and gardening and warmer days.

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1 Response to March: Come and Gone

  1. Josh Vajda says:

    Always encouraging to hear about churches working well together. Thanks for posting!

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