April Update

Spring has sprung; I think we are finished with the wood stove for the year! Though I probably shouldn’t speak too soon, it can freeze around here until the beginning of May. All but the tops of the mountains are green now; flowers are still blooming; and, of course, the yard needs mowing regularly.

We enjoyed an evening in Knoxville with Rebekah’s class. We ate at the Lonesome Dove Bistro and went to the symphony to see Beethoven’s 9th. It was an enjoyable evening. And, as always, the kids were wonderful. We only have two more Tuesdays together. It has been a good year. It looks like next year I will have a much smaller class, somewhere from five to seven.

Rebekah finished her last debate a couple of weeks ago. As always, she did a great job. Next year, she’s going to do half CC and half dual enrollment, and won’t be taking the debate class—for which she is thankful even though she does really well at it. In fact, overall, this has been my best class for debate out of the 7 years I have done this. They all rose to the occasion.

And with the school year coming to a close that almost means we are finished with my least favorite part of the year: dissections. Next week is the sheep heart, and after that, I don’t have to mess with it again until February of 2020.

Today is Jenna’s last day of college work. She defends are final capstone project this morning that she worked on all semester: 98 pages. Earlier this week she was in Texas interviewing for a teaching position in Nacogdoches. She has a phone interview today with a school out near Greensboro, NC. And she made a new friend this week.

We get Lauren back on Tuesday, spend a long weekend with Jenna starting Thursday in Jackson, and then take Lauren to camp the following Friday. The day after that, I get to speak at the homeschool graduation. Lots of fun celebrations ahead.

And we have a pink dogwood in the yard.

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