End of Another School Year

Rebekah and I finished up another year of Classical Conversations on Tuesday. Here’s the before and after. Hopefully we all learned a few things.

Rebekah still has a little math and biology to finish up, but it’ll be nice to have our Tuesdays back for a few months. Next year will be the first year I will tutor without one of my own children. That might feel a little weird.

We’ve enjoyed having everyone home for a few days, but Friday will come all to quickly.

I did something this morning that I haven’t done in several years: mowed the yard before lunch. At the old house, the grass was too thick and the dew was always too heavy to even attempt it. Here, up on our little hill, the dew is less heavy and the grass is less thick, and so an early morning mowing while it is still plenty cool is rather nice. On the other hand, there is something in this yard that wasn’t in the other that I am allergic to, and I sneeze through most of the mowing.

The tomatoes and peppers we planted before leaving town last week are doing well and the okra seeds have sprouted. As always we are looking forward to midsummer.

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