Weddings and Camp and Garden

For the second time in less than a year, we’ve attended a wedding for one of the kids that used to be in our youth group at church. The first, last August, was close to home; this one was in Alabama. And three more kids that used to go to our youth group are engaged. I guess that happens.

Lauren’s first week with campers is coming to a close. Hopefully, we’ll get to talk with her tomorrow and see how it went.

We are gearing up for the day camp our church puts on for kids in Andrews. That’s happening in a couple of weeks. Training for all the teens that are helping is next weekend. The same week as camp, Jenna is headed to Atlanta for a Classical Christian School convention for work. And later this week, I’m headed to SC for my annual training for Classical Conversations. And, of course, we’re less than a month away from our annual trek to Texas. This trip will probably include a stop in Nacogdoches at some point to see where Jenna will be living and working.

The garden is doing well—so far.

Peppers and Okra

That one pepper on the second plant from the left is supposed to be a bell pepper. I think the label was wrong. Curious as to what it is.

And tomatoes

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