Camp Cherokee

We’ve finished another wonderful week at Camp Cherokee.

We hosted 38 kids from the tutoring program our church is a part of for a week long day camp. Our youth group plus another dozen kids or so from various churches in the area planned, organized, and led the camp. The weather cooperated, which is a good thing as some of the activities are outside. This year we had a family night to finish off the week on Friday, inviting the families of all the kids for dinner and a short program at the elementary school. We really had no idea how many families to expect, but we had a good turn out and a great evening with some of the families. It is so encouraging to see our youth invest so much time and energy with these kids. They do a wonderful job. And as always it’s good to have the cooperation of other churches. At the last minute we were down a vehicle to pick up kids and a local church let us use their church van.

And, of course, I am grateful for our volunteer youth leader, Tim, who puts in so much time with our youth, encouraging, discpling, and loving them into Godly young men and women who care more about others than themselves.

Just a few pictures from the week.



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