And Just Like That

It’s back to school for Rebekah and I. We started on Tuesday with another year of Classical Conversations.

For Rebekah’s senior year she is doing a half day at CC: Shakespeare, Philosophy, and Chemistry. She’s doing two classes at home: U.S. History and Pre-cal. She’s taking a website-coding class from a homeschool dad in the community who does that for a living. And finally, she’s taking piano lessons.

I have five students this year, compared to the eleven I had last year.

For the first time since we started CC, I am not changing levels, but staying with Challenge II (Algebra II, Latin II, Logic II, British Literature, Western Cultural History, and Biology). And for the first time since we started CC, I don’t have one of my daughters in class with me. The downside of that is trying to keep up with my stuff and Rebekah’s.

We have Lauren for just a little longer. She goes back to school on Tuesday.

Jenna started teacher inservice this week and she’ll get her kids on Tuesday for a short orientation type day before she starts full days on Wednesday.

Dana is babysitting again for the CC community. And she and Rebekah will continue to babysit for another church on Sunday nights.

Other than cherry tomatoes and some mini romas, the tomato side of the garden is about done. The Okra and peppers are still doing well. And Dana has planted some more cilantro and kale. This past weekend, I planted a bunch of irises, and will work on another bed this weekend. This fall, we’re planning on getting a couple of trees cut down: one is too close to the house and is showing signs of rot at the base; the other is shading a prime spot for another flower garden. Hopefully, those will supply enough fire wood for the following winter.

On August 10, we passed the nine year mark here in NC and at Christ Community Church. I am about a month away from finishing up a series on the Sermon on the Mount at church. It has been one of my favorite things to preach through besides the life of Jacob which I did back in 2011–2012.

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