Back in August of 2010, we started this blog so folks back in Texas could keep up with us. This is the 500th post. I don’t post near as often as I used to, but I have managed to post something at least once a month.

I need to back up a little, I never included a picture of Jenna’s temporary home while she was waiting to move into her garage apartment sometime in October.

Rebekah and I passed the six week mark in school this week. In addition to her classes and piano, a couple of weeks ago she and Dana added after school tutoring with the program which feeds into our Camp Cherokee.

And I’ve been trying to add a little color to the yard by working on some flower beds.

We also planted a bunch of the irises we brought from the old house. And because it hasn’t rained much and since this yard grows so much slower than the old one, a rose bush, that I thought had been completely dug up when the French drain was put in around the house, has come back. I have no idea how to care for roses, but I need to figure it out.

Dana and Rebekah are going to Texas next week. It’s Rebekah’s fall break, and they are going to visit Dana’s mom. And Jenna is driving over for the weekend to see them. I’ll be jealous. Daniel is in a play at Baylor, so they are all going to see him perform.


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