Home for the Holidays

Lauren got home on Tuesday; Jenna on Friday. It’s good to have everyone home again. And we’ve jumped into the pre-Christmas puzzle already:

But I suppose we ought to back up. The college/post-college game night after Thanksgiving was lots of fun.

Our 10 year old neighbor took some ends of the wood I was cutting and brought back a bird feeder he made. It gets a good deal of business—when we remember to put bird seed on it.

Tamales have been assembled in preparation for tomorrow night.

And Rebekah had her end of semester piano recital at the Andrews Nursing home.

Tonight is our annual viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life. And if you’re looking for a new Christmas song and haven’t heard this yet, you should give it a listen. We’re a little biased for more than one reason, but it is really good.

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1 Response to Home for the Holidays

  1. Sheri says:

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

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