Christmas and Puzzles and Company, Oh My

The girls made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.


We had our annual Christmas Eve tamales after our Christmas Eve service, and then we finished the pre-Christmas puzzle—one has to make room for the Christmas puzzle!

We had 6 people from church over for Christmas lunch. The kids hung around and played games most of the afternoon, and then we started the Christmas puzzle, which we finished last night.

The fact that the box was different than the puzzle didn’t make it too hard!

We all went to see Little Women this afternoon and enjoyed it thoroughly. I hadn’t been to a theater in a year and a half, and it was the first movie we’d seen as a family without going with other people since we’ve lived in North Carolina. While we can’t specifically remember another time that just the five of us went to a movie, surely we have—somewhere—at some time.

The Baileys will be here in a little while. We will have a house full for several days. That means more puzzles and games and gingerbread houses and lots of good food and conversation. We are always thankful that they make the trip to see us.


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2 Responses to Christmas and Puzzles and Company, Oh My

  1. Sheridan Schwed says:

    Sounds like a wonderful time! I had a good Christmas also. Went to Robert’s.

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