Scholarship Weekend and Snow

We went to Covenant this past weekend for Rebekah to interview for some scholarships (and to see Lauren!). She participated in two group settings (an activity and a discussion) and one individual interview with a professor. As is usually the case when we make college visits, it was cold. It snowed most of the day, but not a lot stuck.

The day before we got lots and lots of rain and there was flooding in various places. The river in town got out of its banks and flooded the park. There was a mudslide in the gorge between here and Asheville that closed that road for the weekend. If it has been cold for all that rain, we would have gotten a couple of feet of snow.

We got back after midnight Friday night and then woke up to snow Saturday morning.

The roads were bad Sunday, so we had no church, but by the afternoon, it warmed up and most of the snow was gone by Sunday night. We’re back to rain again, and it’s supposed to rain all week with more potential flooding.

But occasionally the sun is out around here and there are nice sunsets.

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1 Response to Scholarship Weekend and Snow

  1. Sheri says:

    Beautiful sunset

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