New Flower Bed: Phase 2

The snow’s all gone; the rain has stopped for a couple of days; the sun is shining; and it’s not freezing cold. So it’s time to dig in the dirt since it’s A) fairly soft from all the rain and B) not frozen solid. The space where the oak was is going to be a, hopefully, fairly large flower bed. The first bed will be along a very small ledge of stones that lines that drive way. So today, I dug it out to begin the process of amending the soil.

The whole space:

Yes, the daffodils are already blooming.

View from the end of the driveway.

From from the mail box.

It’s our break week for CC coming up. The extra day—plus the extra time in not having to prepare will be nice. Next weekend, we head to North Greenville for Rebekah’s second round of scholarship interviews. And in three weeks, Jenna and Lauren will be home for spring break.


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