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Last Thursday, the hill across the way looked about like it did in the picture from the last post. Friday morning, when we left for a field trip to the art museum in Atlanta, it was foggy, and the hill … Continue reading

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Fall Cancellations

The first weekend in October is the annual Fall Festival at the Folk School just down the road. It is an annual event for us, and this year we were going to work admissions Saturday morning in exchange for free … Continue reading

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A little light rain and snow this Thanksgiving morning. The girls finished up the Thanksgiving puzzle last night, so I guess they’ll have to start on another one today so that they actually do a “Thanksgiving Puzzle.” Next Sunday, some … Continue reading

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3rd App (to App)

Jenna finished her 3rd college application—to Appalachian State in Boone. Don’t know if that will be the last one or not. On Thursday, we head to Mississippi for Discover Arts Day at Belhaven. Jenna will sit down with the dean … Continue reading

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Knoxville Concert

Two of the girls’ favorite musical artists are Sara Groves and Andrew Peterson A few months ago, we found out they were going to be in concert together along with Bebo Norman. So we took a half day off from … Continue reading

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Second Concert

Lauren and the band had their second concert tonight—another outdoor concert in north Georgia for the youth of some local churches.   When the sun went down, it turned rather cold—cold enough for Lauren to need to warm up her … Continue reading

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August Weather and Weekend Miscellaneous

A cooler (by 2°) and wetter (by 2″) August than last year. While the rain has tapered off a bit in the last week or so, we got over 12″ in July and August. Two years ago, September 5th was … Continue reading

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The Band

About a year ago, I started playing the piano in a band with some friends from church. There are seven people in the band—a drummer, three guitar players, a bass player, me, and a singer. Last night was our first … Continue reading

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Sneaky and a Sneak Peek

After being mostly devoured early this summer, the okra was making a comeback. But all but about 4 or 5 plants looked like these two this morning.   At lunch, we spotted the probable culprits in the back yard.   … Continue reading

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