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Back Home—and Leaving Again!

The trip to Texas was a quick 2800 miles, but enjoyable (except for the need to visit the chiropractor after 15 hours of driving on the way there). Some of the highlights: A strange duck on a fence: Some old bones: … Continue reading

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Acceptance, Losing, Winning, Boxes, and Books

Jenna got her acceptance letter from Appalachian State today. I suppose it was rather anti-climactic since we’re almost 100% sure she is going to Belhaven. Christmas brought three new games into the family: Shadows Over Camelot, Seven Wonders, and Lord … Continue reading

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1st Day Take Two

Jenna started at Tri-County Community College today. It wasn’t the best start she could have had. It seems they changed the room number and building to her second class of the morning and didn’t bother to inform all the students. … Continue reading

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Home and Away

The two older girls got back from camp last night. Maybe they’ll share a little about their time in the near future. We turn around this afternoon and head to Charlotte for the girls’ end-of-the-school-year-thanks-for-working-so-hard reward: a creativity conference put on … Continue reading

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Moving: Part I of …

Dana picked up the key today while I was finishing up with our elders’ retreat. She also did some cleaning and moved in the first box: This afternoon we all went back over to clean some more and move a few boxes as … Continue reading

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House Hunting

We are closing in on a decision—not that there have been many options. This is a house we looked at a couple of weeks ago: The layout was too strange to be practical for us. We have been inside one … Continue reading

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