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School, Camp, and Driver’s Ed

We are quickly approaching the beginning of school for all the girls. We take Lauren on the 18th to Covenant, Jenna on the 27 to Belhaven, and Rebekah—well, that’s up in the air. For the first time in 6 years, … Continue reading

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Texas Trip

2800 miles later, we’re home from a long trip to Texas. But we had a good time and did some of this stuff: Saw our youngest cousin. 2. Built a large building. 3. Saw the pot that is still sitting … Continue reading

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Newest Family Member

We added a new member to the family today. We’ve had the 2000 Windstar since the beginning of 2009, and with no A/C, no front heat, and 200,000 miles, it was time to say goodbye, especially since we’ve got our summer … Continue reading

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In with the New-ish

We replaced Fred this week. The girls haven’t named the new car, so for now it’s just the new car: a 2008 Kia Spectra. You can see the van in the background. Turns out it was a broken hose. The … Continue reading

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Out with the Old and Progressively Older

We said goodbye to Fred a couple of days ago: The cost of repairs far outweighed what the 20-year old car was worth, so we sold it to the junk yard on Monday. Now the search for a replacement has … Continue reading

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Just in Time

We finish up the school year tomorrow—for the most part. Tomorrow is the last day of Jenna’s and Lauren’s CC classes. Jenna will still take a Chemistry final at home, and Lauren has mock trial at the courthouse on Friday. … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth, Travel, Air

Jenna had her wisdom teeth successfully extracted on Tuesday. They said it could take up to an hour, but that wasn’t quite how it went. Thankfully, it was much better. From sedation to awake it took all of 14 minutes. … Continue reading

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