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Flower Bed–Phase 4 and a Music Video

It was a beautiful spring day, and since we aren’t going anywhere, it’s a good day to dig in the dirt. So this bed is a little ways down from the bed we prepared a couple of weeks ago. It’s … Continue reading

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Bad Apples

I have been using Apple computers for—well, almost since I’ve been using computers. Well over 20 years. We had our first ever hard drive fail on the girls school laptop—a computer we bought used a few years back. I don’t … Continue reading

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Another Weekend, More Friends

Another weekend brought another visit from friends, this time from Texas. Janelle sang in our wedding 21 years ago, and nine months after we got married, we attended their wedding. John is very handy and fixed two apple power cords … Continue reading

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Moving: Part II

The proverbial snowball has started rolling, and it actually began with something cold—er, actually not so cold. The freezer (and probably fridge) went out last night. So I have taken two ice chests full of food to the new house. … Continue reading

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February Weather

Though the colds were colder and the warms were warmer, February was only slightly warmer, overall, than January, and only a degree warmer than February last year. With another 3.5″ of rain, we are over 10″ for the year so … Continue reading

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Snow, Go, Moe

Snow: It snowed again yesterday—all afternoon, in fact. But none of it stuck. However, five miles up the road, this is what it looked like. Not a lot, but pretty none-the-less. Our first measurable snow last year was on the … Continue reading

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Website Publishing

I have officially entered the world of web site publishing. I was given the task of updating our churches website. Being completely ignorant of what to do, I muddled around for a week or so reading confusing terms and directions. … Continue reading

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