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Spring, Celebration, Studio?

Spring has sprung. Unfortunately, this tree is earlier than all others and we still have a long way to go before we are rid of our subfreezing temperatures. But there’s hope. Rebekah turned 14 today! And we were thankful that … Continue reading

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1st Day of School: Part II

After the turn around trip to Mississippi to get Jenna to school, Lauren and I started a couple of days later. Here’s her class on their first day back: It’s a great bunch of kids, and we are looking forward … Continue reading

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Snow and Snow Ice Cream

We finally got the snow—and then some more. It snowed Monday night about 3-4 inches. Lauren and I missed our Classical Conversations day, which means we’ll now go into May (still a whole lot better than June!). Rebekah’s class made up … Continue reading

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Better than Snow Ice Cream

There wasn’t enough snow for snow ice cream and only barely enough for Rebekah to construct this tiny snowman: But what little we got was pretty while it lasted (it’s raining now, and the snow is all but gone). At … Continue reading

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Christmas Preparation

We are now officially ready for Christmas. No, all the presents have not been wrapped. Christmas dinner still has to be cooked. Some Christmas cards still need to be  mailed. But the important item on the list has been accomplished. … Continue reading

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A little light rain and snow this Thanksgiving morning. The girls finished up the Thanksgiving puzzle last night, so I guess they’ll have to start on another one today so that they actually do a “Thanksgiving Puzzle.” Next Sunday, some … Continue reading

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A dear friend from church planted us a row—a long row—of corn in his garden. Jenna and Lauren helped me pick some of it this morning. We ate some tonight (very good and sweet) and blanched and froze about 10 … Continue reading

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