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Breaking the Law in New Jersey and Other Adventures

Lauren’s Senior trip was a whirlwind tour of fifteen states between here and New England. From hiking the AT in Vermont to seeing Independence Hall in Philly, we enjoyed history and the great outdoors in several places. We also learned … Continue reading

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Protocol and Seeing People as People

Every year we take the high school students on a formal event—AKA a fancy night out. Every time we have taken this bunch of kids somewhere, someone always complements them on some aspect of their behavior vis-a-vis the normal teenager … Continue reading

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Cool Morning of Work

Unlike last year, this year’s weather for the Folk School was wonderful. This morning started at 40°, so our early morning shift of volunteering at the ticket both for free admission and lunch was a little cool but it was definitely … Continue reading

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Another Weekend, More Friends

Another weekend brought another visit from friends, this time from Texas. Janelle sang in our wedding 21 years ago, and nine months after we got married, we attended their wedding. John is very handy and fixed two apple power cords … Continue reading

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Thursday, Lauren’s class went to Atlanta for our spring formal event with Classical Conversations. Despite traffic—the two and a quarter hour trip took three and a half—we had a great time, even if we did have to do a little … Continue reading

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Skiing and Science Fair and Spring Break

February has almost run its course. Hard to believe that Spring is just around the corner. Time to start thinking about gardening! I’m not sure where February went. We did enjoy a trip skiing on one of our days off … Continue reading

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Lauren and I (and her classmates and some other parents) went to Atlanta last night for a formal outing. We ate at a nice restaurant called 4th and Swift. Then we went to the Shakespeare Tavern to watch Taming of … Continue reading

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Imagine a dozen or so people in a gym throwing several tennis balls back and forth—not necessarily at each other, just back and forth. Now, take those same tennis balls, cut a hole in them, stuff them with cotton cloth … Continue reading

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End of the Year

Another school year has come and gone (well almost). First day of school: Last day of school: We finished up our last day of Classical Conversations yesterday. Both girls have a little math left to do, but the end really … Continue reading

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Friday Night Concert

Tonight we went to a concert with our cousins who are here from Texas spending the weekend with us. It was at the Folk School that is about one mile from our house. It is the first time we’ve been, … Continue reading

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