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Here, There, and Everywhere

Well, June has arrived. One set of trips down, another large one to come. In the two weeks preceding Jenna’s graduation, I’ve been to Greenville, SC; Charlotte, NC; Jackson, MS; Lake Forest Ranch; Birmingham, AL; and Atlanta—twice. And then Jenna … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth, Travel, Air

Jenna had her wisdom teeth successfully extracted on Tuesday. They said it could take up to an hour, but that wasn’t quite how it went. Thankfully, it was much better. From sedation to awake it took all of 14 minutes. … Continue reading

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Update and A Christmas Carol

And just like that, the month of November is almost gone, Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and now school really is winding down with just two more weeks of classes after the Thanksgiving break for the girls. And we … Continue reading

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Green and Jelly

The Jelly refers to Jenna’s new braceless teeth which allows her to eat jellybeans. The green refers to the beans coming up in the garden, as well as the rest of the plants we have put in in the last … Continue reading

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Random Update

This has been a busy week with school ramping up, dental and eye appointments, soccer practice, and various meetings. I would say I’m looking forward to the weekend, but tomorrow night four girls are invading coming over to spend the … Continue reading

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The 1st First Anniversary and Other Miscellaneous Info

While we are not actually celebrating our one year anniversary of moving to NC, we are celebrating our first anniversary of coming to the state. It was a year ago today that we arrived for our week long visit for … Continue reading

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Update: Wii, braces, taxes, etc.

Other then the storm that rolled through a couple of nights ago, it has been fairly quiet around here with some beautiful, cool, sunny days. The big news is that the Wii Fit+ arrived today that Dana has been saving … Continue reading

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