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Something’s Cooking

I love gardening; I also love what comes from gardening. And one of the things I love the most is Dana’s homemade spaghetti sauce from all the tomatoes we get. That’s what is on the stove today. I also dug … Continue reading

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New Bed

I worked up another bed this afternoon, and planted what I hope will be some perennials that we can enjoy each summer. I’m not sure I’ll do gladiolus again, unless I can find a better place to put them. While … Continue reading

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One Down, Two To Go

Jenna left yesterday to head back to Texas via Jackson, Mississippi to see one of her old house mates for a couple of days. Once she gets back, she’s having company from Waco cousins and then shortly after that moving … Continue reading

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Snakes and Mice

We’ve had both—in the house. The first, we believe, was after the second. This guy crawled out of the fireplace one night during dinner. He was too fast to be killed and crawled back through the crack by which he … Continue reading

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Half, None, All

Rebekah was originally going to Lake Forest Ranch for half the summer to be on work staff. Then all of their camps were cancelled, and we thought we’d have her home all summer. But now, she’s leaving Sunday for LFR … Continue reading

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So Close

School is so close to being finished around here. Lauren turned her last paper in yesterday, Jenna is all but finished: Sr. Thesis defenses via computer all this week, and just a little left in her other three classes. She’ll … Continue reading

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The Second Scot

Rebekah made a decision about college. She will be attending Covenant College in the fall. Lauren got an email today from the President that they were planning on starting in person classes in the fall, so hopefully Rebekah will actually … Continue reading

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The first of the gladiolus are coming up, and we continue to plant a few more each week. Hopefully they’ll provide plenty of summer color. We also planted a couple of dahlia bulbs today that we got from a friend … Continue reading

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Full House

Everyone is home now. Lauren, of course, has been home for awhile, but Jenna came home last Saturday. She can do her distance learning as a teacher as well here as there, and since being shut up in a garage … Continue reading

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Flower Bed–Phase 4 and a Music Video

It was a beautiful spring day, and since we aren’t going anywhere, it’s a good day to dig in the dirt. So this bed is a little ways down from the bed we prepared a couple of weeks ago. It’s … Continue reading

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