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A Little Spicy Update

School has been the norm over the last few weeks. We are 1/3 of the way through with the semester already (at least Lauren and I—Rebekah’s class is taking a couple of breaks along the way). It has been unseasonably warm … Continue reading

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Spring, Celebration, Studio?

Spring has sprung. Unfortunately, this tree is earlier than all others and we still have a long way to go before we are rid of our subfreezing temperatures. But there’s hope. Rebekah turned 14 today! And we were thankful that … Continue reading

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Second Concert

Lauren and the band had their second concert tonight—another outdoor concert in north Georgia for the youth of some local churches.   When the sun went down, it turned rather cold—cold enough for Lauren to need to warm up her … Continue reading

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August Weather and Weekend Miscellaneous

A cooler (by 2°) and wetter (by 2″) August than last year. While the rain has tapered off a bit in the last week or so, we got over 12″ in July and August. Two years ago, September 5th was … Continue reading

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The Band

About a year ago, I started playing the piano in a band with some friends from church. There are seven people in the band—a drummer, three guitar players, a bass player, me, and a singer. Last night was our first … Continue reading

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Back to Normal

The Baileys have left. Now what? Good thing we have the car to deal with to keep things exciting. Actually, there is some semi-good news on that front. We took the car to the shop this morning (the light had … Continue reading

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We have had a busy Saturday. In fact, the girls walked in the door a few minutes ago after leaving this morning at 8:30. They went to some classes this morning: knitting (for all three girls), cooking (for Lauren), and … Continue reading

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