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First Snow

We had our first snow fall of the year overnight—almost a full month earlier than any of the previous four years we’ve been here. Not enough to cover the ground, but too much for the end of October. Can’t see … Continue reading

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Wisdom Teeth, Travel, Air

Jenna had her wisdom teeth successfully extracted on Tuesday. They said it could take up to an hour, but that wasn’t quite how it went. Thankfully, it was much better. From sedation to awake it took all of 14 minutes. … Continue reading

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So much for spring. It’s snowing. Supposed to be 22° tonight.

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Week of Snow

It seems the schools can’t even get in a Saturday make up around here. I’m not sure how many days they’ve missed due to ice, snow, and cold weather, but this morning’s Saturday make up was cancelled because it is … Continue reading

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Snowed all day yesterday and didn’t stick. Kept snowing last night apparently, and so we have a little. Still snowing. Supposed to continue off and on throughout the day. It hasn’t been above freezing since sometime Sunday. We are still … Continue reading

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Spring Weather

Here’s our spring weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Tonight                              Monday                       Rain/Snow                        Snow Likely                                 Likely Low: 34 °F                        High: 36 °F  

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Cancelled and Rescheduled

One would think that with snow falling on five of the first six days of the month that skiing would be good. Yesterday, however, was the one day it didn’t snow. Instead it rained and got warm, and we decided … Continue reading

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