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Moving: Part II

The proverbial snowball has started rolling, and it actually began with something cold—er, actually not so cold. The freezer (and probably fridge) went out last night. So I have taken two ice chests full of food to the new house. … Continue reading

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Movie Night

One of the parents from the class I am teaching helped buy this projector for us to use in class. That combined with this sheet will make movie night. Granted, the quality is not as good as one of those … Continue reading

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Old and New

Our old toaster oven (shown below) died recently. The oven belonged to Dana’s grandmother. It is circa 1980. Here is the replacement. Anyone want to guess whether this one will last 30 years?  

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Old Habits Die Hard

I was never fond of Verizon for the three years we used them for phone and internet in Dallas from start (no phone when we arrived in Dallas and still charged on my first bill for the several days before … Continue reading

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Website Publishing

I have officially entered the world of web site publishing. I was given the task of updating our churches website. Being completely ignorant of what to do, I muddled around for a week or so reading confusing terms and directions. … Continue reading

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