We enjoyed Rebekah’s recital tonight. She played “Sing Noel, Noel!” It was a festive evening, and the first of several evening events this weekend, from the Star Wars opening to our youth Christmas party.

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They’re All Home!

And, of course, the games come out pretty quick.

But the games will have to be paused tonight as Rebekah has a piano recital! Hopefully, I’ll have a few pictures sometime soon.

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1st Snow of the Season

The forecast called for less than a 1/10 of an inch. They were a little off.

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This is a shameless plug for an album that Lauren contributed to.

Currently it is available for purchase here. But soon it will also be available at other music services like iTunes.

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Happy Thanksgiving

It has been good to have both of the girls home from college. We began the annual Thanksgiving puzzle the night Lauren got home and finished Thanksgiving morning.

We enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with some good friends from church.

Tonight we are hosting all the college age kids who are in on break for an evening of fellowship and worship, and some time today we are commencing the Christmas decorating. And then unfortunately, we have to take Jenna and Lauren back on Sunday after church. But thankfully, we will get them home again in about two and a half weeks.

While it is time to start listening to Christmas music around here, I wanted to share a song that Lauren plays piano on if you are interested.

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License and Thanksgiving Plans

We are anxiously awaiting Jenna (Sunday) and Lauren (Tuesday) to get home for Thanksgiving break. Jenna gets to come home early as she is coming to Chattanooga this weekend with a friend from school whose sister is in a play at Covenant. So Jenna will spend the night with Lauren Friday and Saturday, and I will go get her after church on Sunday. She was successfully able to get out of both work and class Monday and Tuesday. Lauren, however, still has class and work Monday and Tuesday, so we will go get her Tuesday around noon. It will be nice having everyone home. We’ll have close to 20 on Thanksgiving as a couple of families are joining us. And we have purchased the Thanksgiving puzzle, so all is just about ready.

Rebekah has officially gotten her license. The picture from a couple of weeks ago was her driving in the parking lot of a nearby church. Since then, she has logged her 6 hours with the drivers ed teacher, taken her test, and this morning got her license. She is still restricted to driving with one of us for the next year while she logs 60 hours, but it’s nice to have the process started, and she will be able to drive some when we take Jenna back after Thanksgiving!

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Oh, And I Forgot About This

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