Chapel Hill

After a day full of adventure, we got home from Chapel Hill late last night. But we didn’t get home with everything we took. We did bring Jenna home, but we left the van in Waynesville, hopefully not permanently! Thankfully it decided to die at a stop light looking for a place to eat instead of on the curvy I-40. We rented a car, got the van towed, and continued the journey home.

The rest of the trip however was enjoyable. We got to see some old friends from Texas on Thursday night and had a wonderful tour of the UNC-Chapel Hill campus by a girl from here who is a junior out there.

It is a beautiful campus.


DSC_3306 - Version 2

No idea if that’s where Jenna will end up, but we’re glad we got to look around and get some information. The next two places on the list to visit are Appalachian State up in Boone and Belhaven University in Jackson, MS. 


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So much for spring. It’s snowing. Supposed to be 22° tonight.

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College? and Church Move?

No! Not yet. Unfortunately, college decisions are upon us. Almost daily Jenna gets mail from some college or another and emails show up several times a day. We’ll take our first official college visit this weekend (actually just Dana and Jenna as I have a meeting all day Saturday) to



Actually, we don’t really think that she will go there, but it’s close (20 minutes), and before we go to


the first weekend in April, we thought it would be good to get a feel of what a college visit is like. So Young Harris is a trial run for us before heading out east to Tarheel land in a couple of weeks. We need to visit some more places, but at this point, we’re not really sure what those other places are. Jenna is taking the ACT on April 12. The fun has begun.

We have been looking for a larger building for our church for quite some time (like almost since we arrived). Nothing has worked out or been something we could afford. But another opportunity has arisen. It’s a possibility that the tenant next door to us, who has twice the square feet that we have, might be moving into a larger building that is going up at the other end of the property. If that happens, there is a chance we could have his place. Nothing is for certain yet, but maybe our space problems can be alleviated soon.

Now that spring has arrived, officially, and hopefully in temperatures too, we are thinking about the garden. First priority: electric fence.


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Rebekah’s Birthday

We celebrated Rebekah’s twelfth birthday today. Her dessert (chocolate peanut butter squares)


was too hard for candles, so we had to hold them up to be blown out.


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Week of Snow

It seems the schools can’t even get in a Saturday make up around here. I’m not sure how many days they’ve missed due to ice, snow, and cold weather, but this morning’s Saturday make up was cancelled because it is snowing again this morning. 

The snow fall from Tuesday was gone before we got home from skiing. But then it snowed all day Wednesday (with some rain and sleet as well), which didn’t accumulate much. But then it snowed enough Wednesday night for a beautiful Thursday morning and some good snow man woman building up at Narnia. 

DSC_3297 DSC_3355 DSC_3375 DSC_3376



Last night we babysit for some couples in the church to go out for Valentine’s. Fun time had by all.


And last night, Dana, at least, felt the earthquake that we later learned hit Augusta, GA. 



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Fog and Snow

It started snowing this morning about 5:00. Schools cancelled shortly after. Our homeschool Classical Conversations group cancelled shortly after that, so we had a spur of the moment ski trip since Tuesdays are homeschool days at the ski place about an hour and a half from here. The snow was great, but it was foggy. These two pictures were taken from about the same spot. The one of Jenna was last year’s trip. The one of Lauren is from today.




The girls continue to improve. I got everyone up to the top of the mountain this year. All in all a fun day. We are supposed to get lots of snow tonight and tomorrow; they are calling for up to 10 inches by the end of tomorrow. We could be stuck here for awhile.

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January Weather

This has been the coldest month since we’ve been here in a couple of ways. Two nights ago, we had our coldest temperature of -3°. For the month the average low was 19°. The next coldest average low was the 1st December we were here at 22°. The average high was 42°, which was not the coldest. That was that first December where the average high was 39°. There were also eight days where it never got above freezing. Needless to say, we are all ready for some warmer weather.

Unfortunately, by the time we got over to the neighbors on Wednesday after the snow on Tuesday, a good bit of it had melted, but there was still enough to do some sledding.

DSC_0095 DSC_0195

Several of the teenagers in the homeschool group met at a restaurant today for lunch to visit and hang out. The owners of the restaurant thought they were all so well behaved that they gave them all free dessert. We’re not surprised by that at all.


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