Construction and Production

Our house has been under the weather lately, and we’ve all been out of our normal places. A couple of weeks ago (maybe more, we’ve lost track), part of the girls’ closet was ripped out as the tub in their bathroom has been leaking, apparently for a loooong time, probably since before we moved in. The resulting smell moved them out of their room. So all three girls have been upstairs since then, and Dana and I have moved into Jenna’s room, with Rebekah’s and Lauren’s room taped off and closed. Late last week, they came back and took out the bathtub and removed the subfloor, and so since then, we’ve had a hole in the house and several loud fans running non-stop—and a dehumidifier and a HEPA filter. Today the fans were taken away and the reconstruction process is supposed to begin tomorrow. The new tub/shower won’t be in until next Tuesday.



On a positive note: the chickens are earning their keep.




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Someone’s Moved Into the Neighborhood

DSC_0003 DSC_0007

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Cliff Jumping

After church today some of the youth (and adults) drove up to a place we think is called Lambert’s Cove, which was formed by continual releasing of vast amounts of water from Nantahala Lake. The cove is about 20 feet deep and the rocks overhanging range from about 10 above the water to about 50 or more. The particular rock the guys are standing on below is 35 feet up. We wouldn’t let any of our guys go up higher, though there were some other people there who jumped from the two ledges above and behind the one our guys are standing on.

DSC_0001aJenna was the first Herrington and the first girl to go off the big rock:




The other girls went off one of the lower ledges.



And despite the fact that I hate heights, I even was talked into jumping off.

DSC_0084And in case you’re wondering, the concave shape in the front of that big rock was made from the force of the water that flies across the cove when the are letting water out of the dam. You wouldn’t want to be caught up there when they’re doing that!



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Final First Day

Now we have all started back with classes. Today Lauren and I started back with Classical Conversations. DSC_0001

Lauren is in a class of ten, and we had a pretty good first day, at least I did. Hopefully, they all did as well.


The garden is all but finished. What is not done for the year was eaten by deer this week. Either my fence has quit working or they’ve figured out they can jump over. The only think left are the peppers. Thankfully, we’re not depending upon the garden for daily sustenance.

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1st Day Take Two

Jenna started at Tri-County Community College today.

DSC_0006 DSC_0009

It wasn’t the best start she could have had. It seems they changed the room number and building to her second class of the morning and didn’t bother to inform all the students. She wasn’t the only one late, but by the time she found someone who actually knew where the class was, she was thirty minutes late. But she survived, and now all is well. I don’t think she will find the classes any more challenging than what we’ve been doing at home for the last three years.

In addition to Freshman English and World Civilization that she is taking at the community college, at home she’ll be doing Physics, Trig and Pre-Cal, World Literature (this fall she’s reading Cry the Beloved Country, Crime and Punishment, and Les Miserables and writing about how each of those authors deals with justice and mercy), and an Old Testament Survey.

Jenna has applied to Belhaven University on Friday and started her application to UNC-Chapel Hill.

And if you remember my stack of books from a couple of posts ago, you’ll be happy to know that I’ve got three finished. I started Crime and Punishment yesterday. I just have to stay a week ahead of the girls!

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A dear friend from church planted us a row—a long row—of corn in his garden. Jenna and Lauren helped me pick some of it this morning.


We ate some tonight (very good and sweet) and blanched and froze about 10 quarts this evening.

DSC_0003And put some more in the fridge for dinner tomorrow night and gave some to the neighbors, and we still have some left…

DSC_0004Plus quite a bit more to pick. So if you would like some corn…



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Old Friends, New Starts

We had the pleasure of some old friends stopping by yesterday on their short time in the states this summer.


Becky and Dana were friends in college. Rich and Becky have been living and working in North Africa for 20 years. It has been several years since we’ve seen them, and it was good to catch up with what is going on with them. We keep thinking that one of these days we’ll get to travel to see where some of our friends happen to live who are scattered around the globe.

Today was also the first day of Rebekah’s 7th grade year.

DSC_0004She’ll be busy with math and science, geography and Latin, literature, writing, and critical thinking. While Jenna’s and Lauren’s official classes don’t start until the 18th and 26th respectively, they both also began a little work today in preparation for what is to come.

And that means that my “school” starts as well. Here’s my fall reading stack.


I really should get started!


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