Rocks? Really?

The chicken seems to be fine. I don’t know if it was the crop massaging that went on or the fact that when we let her out on her own, she went to the driveway and ate some rocks. Or maybe it was both. Either way, this morning, she seemed back to her normal self, eating like the others.

We took a picnic to Lake Chatuge today—beautiful fall weather.





And finally, Jenna takes the ACT again in the morning. And hopefully that will be the last standardized test she has to take in her schooling career.



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In, Off, Off, Offered, and Out

This blog post is about Jenna—and a chicken.

She’s IN: She has been officially accepted to Belhaven, the first college she has applied to.

She got them OFF:DSC_0001b

She got it sent OFF: her application to Chapel Hill, that is.

And she’s been OFFERED: a $14,000/year merit scholarship to Belhaven. When she turns in her portfolio next month, she will also be in the running for a departmental scholarship, and then after the first of the year, they begin awarding scholarships based on need.

And finally, one of the chickens is OUT of the coop—we think she has an impacted crop. She’s not eating. Hopefully we won’t have to revert to this, but who knows.


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Chicken vs. Snake, Cat vs. Rabbit

Chicken 1-Snake 0

DSC_0012Cat 0-Rabbit 1


And just because, a taste of fall:



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We had our first graduation planning meeting tonight for the seniors in the homeschool group. And we have set a date. Jenna’s graduation will be Friday, May 22. I’m sure it will get here sooner than we would like, but we are excited about what God has in store for her in the future.

Now we just have to fill in the other details: speaker, MC, location, contact the newspaper to see if they will cover it, photographer,…

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Commended Scholar

Jenna found out today that she was a commended scholar on the PSAT that she took last year.

DSC_0001a That means she was in the top 3% in the nation for students who took the test. Of course, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation could have used her editing skills.


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They are making progress on our bathroom, slowly.



The tub got put in on Thursday. Not sure when they will be back to finish the sheetrock and put everything else back together. But they are getting closer.

Jenna and Dana went to Boone on Friday with a friend of Jenna’s and her mom to tour Appalachian State.


Boone is about 4 hours away and about twice the elevation than here. So it’s a good bit cooler. They average about 35 inches of snow a year, and the high temperature in January averages below freezing. There were about 6000 people at the open house they held on Saturday. It’s a smaller school than Chapel Hill, but still larger than what Jenna might like, but she liked it better than Chapel Hill. The down side is that due to lack of space they don’t guarantee that you can live on campus past your freshman year.

Like the bathroom, this college decision business is a slow process. But we are making progress.

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Construction and Production

Our house has been under the weather lately, and we’ve all been out of our normal places. A couple of weeks ago (maybe more, we’ve lost track), part of the girls’ closet was ripped out as the tub in their bathroom has been leaking, apparently for a loooong time, probably since before we moved in. The resulting smell moved them out of their room. So all three girls have been upstairs since then, and Dana and I have moved into Jenna’s room, with Rebekah’s and Lauren’s room taped off and closed. Late last week, they came back and took out the bathtub and removed the subfloor, and so since then, we’ve had a hole in the house and several loud fans running non-stop—and a dehumidifier and a HEPA filter. Today the fans were taken away and the reconstruction process is supposed to begin tomorrow. The new tub/shower won’t be in until next Tuesday.



On a positive note: the chickens are earning their keep.




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