Belhaven Visit

Quick but good trip to Belhaven in Jackson, MS this weekend.


Instead of touring campus in a driving rain storm like this summer, we got to tour in close to freezing temperatures. Despite that, it was a good visit, and Jenna got to sit down with the dean and turn in her portfolio, which the dean was very impressed with.

Then last night we attended the Belhaven symphony. They performed Tchaikovsky’s 5th. The girls really enjoyed it. Earlier in the day we had met the Concertmistress, a girl from Tyler.

We also got to see Emily and Elizabeth while there, as they are going to school just down the road (Mississippi College) from where Jenna might be.


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3rd App (to App)

Jenna finished her 3rd college application—to Appalachian State in Boone. Don’t know if that will be the last one or not.

On Thursday, we head to Mississippi for Discover Arts Day at Belhaven. Jenna will sit down with the dean of the Creative Writing department with her writing portfolio. She will be competing with the other creative writing students for more scholarship money. We will also get to see our nieces who are going to Mississippi College in Clinton—and so I suppose we’ll get an informal tour of that school as well.

Lauren and some of the other youth from our church have been leading worship for our once-a-month youth night we have. Usually we have several kids from other churches who come, and so it is a good experience for them. Last week, they were invited to lead worship at another church’s evening service. They did a very nice job.

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First Snow

We had our first snow fall of the year overnight—almost a full month earlier than any of the previous four years we’ve been here. Not enough to cover the ground, but too much for the end of October.


Can’t see the hill across the way very well this morning with the fog and snow, but this is what it looked like a couple of days ago. A rather muted, slow turning fall this year:

DSC_0019This is the tree outside our dining room window this year:


And this is the same tree at the same time last year:


In celebration of Reformation Day (the Anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 thesis on the door of the Wittenberg Church) yesterday, we had lots of people (34) over for German food last night. This is after most of the kids disappeared to play games. Needless to say, 34 is about the extent of what this house will hold. But it was a good time.



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Rocks? Really?

The chicken seems to be fine. I don’t know if it was the crop massaging that went on or the fact that when we let her out on her own, she went to the driveway and ate some rocks. Or maybe it was both. Either way, this morning, she seemed back to her normal self, eating like the others.

We took a picnic to Lake Chatuge today—beautiful fall weather.





And finally, Jenna takes the ACT again in the morning. And hopefully that will be the last standardized test she has to take in her schooling career.



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In, Off, Off, Offered, and Out

This blog post is about Jenna—and a chicken.

She’s IN: She has been officially accepted to Belhaven, the first college she has applied to.

She got them OFF:DSC_0001b

She got it sent OFF: her application to Chapel Hill, that is.

And she’s been OFFERED: a $14,000/year merit scholarship to Belhaven. When she turns in her portfolio next month, she will also be in the running for a departmental scholarship, and then after the first of the year, they begin awarding scholarships based on need.

And finally, one of the chickens is OUT of the coop—we think she has an impacted crop. She’s not eating. Hopefully we won’t have to revert to this, but who knows.


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Chicken vs. Snake, Cat vs. Rabbit

Chicken 1-Snake 0

DSC_0012Cat 0-Rabbit 1


And just because, a taste of fall:



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We had our first graduation planning meeting tonight for the seniors in the homeschool group. And we have set a date. Jenna’s graduation will be Friday, May 22. I’m sure it will get here sooner than we would like, but we are excited about what God has in store for her in the future.

Now we just have to fill in the other details: speaker, MC, location, contact the newspaper to see if they will cover it, photographer,…

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